Royal City Centre Case Study

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Simple and Effective: Digital Marketing That Drives Retail Results

Royal City Centre Adds retailcommon to Promotional Arsenal



Royal City Centre

Jennifer Clarke knew what she wanted in searching for a digital marketing solution to help the retailers at Royal City Centre, the largest shopping complex in New Westminster, British Columbia. In a world increasingly cluttered with mobile apps, Clarke knew a solution that would be easy for both stores and customers to use would be a breakthrough that would deliver real results. So when she discovered the social shopping platform retailcommon, the marketing manager for one of Strathallen Capital Corporation’s 30 Canadian shopping centers immediately saw the benefits.

“I think people really have app-exhaustion. Everywhere they go, people are asked to install an app to get something. So that is the selling point I use with our tenants. With retailcommon, users are not required to install an app. But in fact they can just read the QR code with their mobile phone or go to the store’s web site to see the offer or promotional message. It is super easy to use,” Clarke said. “I love the way it looks; the whole Pinterest-look to the screen.”

Retailcommon provides a mobile website that integrates into the back-end of a retailer’s existing site which allows consumers to browse, sort, and filter by specific stores and shopping centers the promotional offers that suit their needs. Retailers get instant data on how the marketing efforts are performing and the ability to quickly optimize the content to maximize results.

Royal City Centre rolled out retailcommon to all its tenants in July 2014 and also placed it on the shopping center’s own site. There were 20,000 visits during the first month, which is four times more monthly traffic than before retailcommon came on board.

“It is a great addition to the promotional arsenal. I like the fact that it is right on the web site and visitors can just go right to it, rather than a stand-alone site not connected to ours,” Clarke said. “I plan to utilize it not just for tenants, but also for the entire shopping center for one-off promotion.”

Each of the national tenants at Royal City Centre –   A & W, Northern Reflections, Purdy’s Chocolates, The Source, Telus, Ardene, Shoe Warehouse, Save-On-Foods. Shoppers Drug Mart, Easyhome – uses retailcommon.

Clarke sees abundant opportunities for local tenants who have limited advertising budgets and those who shy away from the large investment required for printed coupons or mailers. Retailcommon’s fee for retailers is $40 per month.

“They can manage it themselves. They can control their own promotion on the web site as opposed to someone controlling it for them,” Clarke said. “At first we were concerned it wouldn’t be compatible with our web site. But it turns out that it meshes very well.  We are really happy with it. “

Retailcommon is in place at 128 shopping centers in Europe and Canada, providing a private and secure way for customers and retailers to connect. Clarke hopes to convince all Strathallen properties in Canada to take add retailcommon to their marketing initiatives.

“Our plan is to also roll it out across the country to the rest of Canada. It will be good for all of Strathallen Shopping Centers across the country, the big ones and the small ones,” Clarke said.