Social Shopping Network Retailcommon Available Now in U.S.

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Innovative Retail Engagement Tool Greets Holiday Shopping Season; Kills Junk Mail

TORONTO—November 17, 2014 – Retailcommon, the Toronto based social shopping network that serves more than 6,000 retail locations and 20 million customers in Canada and Europe, has launched operations in the U.S. in time for the important holiday shopping season. The company has selected Chicago as its U.S. headquarters. Retailcommon is a revolutionary way for retailers to connect with their customers’ mobile devices while they are actively shopping.

Notable retailers Macy’s, Kenneth Cole, Athleta, and Payless Shoesource are among the first in the U.S. to discover that Retailcommon is the first social shopping platform designed with their interests at heart. Retailcommon’s clients use adaptive, web-based administration tools to instantly create and distribute promotional and advertising content to generate traffic, increase sales and build customer engagement. Retailers can plan, execute and optimize advertising and promotional campaigns in real time.

Consumers see the messages on their smart devices in a Pinterest-style display thanks to a mobile platform that integrates seamlessly to the retailer’s website. Retailers get instant data on how the marketing efforts are performing and can quickly optimize content to maximize results.

“We are extremely excited to show U.S. retailers how to save time, money, and aggravation by using Retailcommon to really engage with their customers,” said Retailcommon CEO James Cunningham. “We are changing the way retailers and consumers think about social shopping. Our current retail partners are seeing significant month-over-month growth as their customers spend increased time reviewing and sharing the promotional offers they see.”

Retailcommon Makes Direct Mail Obsolete

U.S. companies last year spent $170 billion on “direct marketing”—junk mail of both the physical and electronic varieties—according to the Chief Marketing Council Office. But only three percent of those receiving unsolicited material bought anything as a result. However based on its performance in Europe and Canada, retailers who adopt Retailcommon’s technology in the U.S. can say goodbye to junk mail. Instead of long planning cycles, high costs, and slow results retailers can advertise this afternoon what arrived in their stores this morning. With Retailcommon, performance can be measured in minutes rather than months.

Unlike other promotion marketing services Retailcommon and its ecosystem allows clients to entirely control content and distribution, with minimal impact on financial and human resources. All of Retailcommon’s technology is easily integrated into existing digital assets for the most efficient implementation for centers and retailers alike. The cloud-based system permits retailers to manage their offers and track real-time results.

“We put the power of Retailcommon’s technology in each retailer’s hands,” Cunningham said. “The intuitive design lets retailers target marketing initiatives by store and day part; track performance in real time; and instantly optimize content based on the results.  They’re seeing data within seconds.”

Business owners interested in putting the Retailcommon marketing platform to work for them should contact the company directly using the Retailcommon website contact us page. Our team will gather some key information regarding the business and specific needs. Set up can be accomplished in a matter of minutes.

All of the promotional offers on Retailcommon are easily navigated, shared and redeemed. For shoppers there is no app to download, which eliminates slow updates and gives the consumer full control of registering, providing personal data and location sharing.