Caribbean prepaid debit card picks Canadian content management system retailcommon for mobile integration

NASSAU, BAHAMAS and TORONTO, CANADA, May 16, 2013 /CNW/ – Mango, the Bahamian reloadable prepaid debit card, has chosen retailcommon, the Canadian mobile content management system, to integrate the system with smartphones and other mobile devices. This will enable Mango merchants to promote discounts, deals and offers to consumers via mobile devices, allow consumers to pay for those offerings with their Mango card, and facilitate data harvesting and analysis at each step of the transaction.

“With this partnership Mango now brings even greater value to our consumer and merchant customers.” said Harvey Morris, President of Mango. “It uses the latest technology to bring more business to Mango merchants, gives Mango card holders access to convenient, safe payments and mobile offers and firmly places Mango at the leading edge of mobile commerce.”

“Our easy-to-use system is dedicated to bringing the mobile revolution in-store – pulling traffic into bricks and mortar locations so that customers can touch and feel what they’re buying and also get the full experience of the retailer or restaurant’s staff and environment.” added retailcommon’s President, James Cunningham. “Mango card holders and merchants are the perfect community to take full advantage of our mobile content management system. We are excited to work with great retailers including John Bull, Starbucks, and Burger King”

The Mango network has achieved great traction in the Bahamas and will soon expand to other Caribbean nations. The payment card eliminates the need to carry cash and also allows for better money management and control, even for those who do not currently have a bank account. In addition to payments at Mango merchants, it can also be used to send money to a friend, pay bills or give as a gift card.

The retailcommon mobile content management system will be immediately available to all 250 current Mango merchants located throughout the Bahamas, and is part of the merchant package for new clients. The content system operates ‘in the cloud’, so neither the merchant or Mango card holder needs to download any app or software. The offer and promotion content is created in minutes and instantly accessible on any smartphone or tablet.

About Mango:

TSP is a Bahamian payment processing company incorporated in 2007. With domestic core competencies in advanced software, networking and hardware technology, TSP specializes in the research, development and introduction of innovative technologies geared towards the “Payments” industry in the Caribbean Region.

TSP’s Mango-branded product offering includes cutting edge electronic payment solutions to organizational clients in a range of industries as well as individuals in the “un-banked” market.

The new suite of Mango payment solutions is based on an electronic wallet that can be accessed online, through a Point of Sale (POS) terminal and through Short Message Standard (SMS) over the wireless telephone network.

TSP is committed to bringing the economic advantages of an efficient cash-free environment to the many that don’t otherwise have access to basic financial services. We are creating powerful payment solutions that will have a positive socio-economic impact in the communities we serve.

About retailcommon:

retailcommon is the simplest, most effective content management system (Patent Pending) for creating, distributing and analyzing mobile promotions. It enables any business to instantly harness the power of the mobile revolution in pulling traffic, increasing sales and building customer engagement.

Retailers can easily create mobile coupons for promotion and delivery to existing and new customers through digital and legacy media, continuously tracking response and redemption data. Unlike other coupon services, retailcommon allows its clients to control pricing, margin, content and distribution, while maintaining ownership over the customer and tracking data. The product does not require consumers to download an app in order to access the coupon and it works on all smartphone devices.